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Recent News from The Wheeler Boys

  • Bingo…. For Young People.

    Here’s a good indicator of how old I am.. anytime I hear Bingo, I think of the movie “My Girl..” How sad and hilarious is that. You scarred me Mcaulay Culkin. and that Who likes Rock n Roll trivia? Folks looking for a new way to enjoy music will be pleased to know that they […]

  • Cool Piece, Cool Idea

    Living Walls announced not long ago that they are enlisting an artist based outta San Fran by the name of MOMO. I signed up to help, and they’re gonna let me paint! I’m pretty excited to be a part of something they’re doing. If you’re unfamiliar with Living Walls, they are a non-profit organization dedicated […]

  • It’s Been A Long Time… Shouldn’t a left you..

    Without Rakim there would be no Hip Hop as it exists today. One of my all-time favorite lyricists. Rakim was a pioneer of New York Hip Hop (and in effect the World, really..) I wm too young to have been influenced by his Eric B. days. But I remember buying The 18th Letter and not […]

  • ooooooWEEEEEEEEE… tangerIIIIIIIIne giiiiiirl… (that hook is infectious)

    Never been a HUGE fan of ol’ Asher Roth. He’s had some good records, don’t get me wrong. Just never was my cup of tea. This reminds me of Pharrell‘s new shit tho. It’s one of those feel-good dance records. Which is not what I was expecting from this guy. Kudos to him for trying […]

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