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  • Garrett Wheeler – Highs & Lows
  • Leavin
  • Mr. Quiji feat. Garrett Wheeler – FUKKEM
  • Common Ground
  • Live @ 529 (East Atlanta)

Recent News from The Wheeler Boys

  • Garrett’s debut solo album “La Vie De Reve” is finally out.. Yerp

    It’s been a while since I’ve made a post, I know. Bullshit I dare say. Well needless to say the music hasn’t stopped. Just restructuring the business side really. But in the meantime in between time, I’ve been working on a solo album, “La Vie De Reve,” and I’m finally happy to say it’s available […]

  • Those Ribeyes, tho….

    Action Bronson is a cool ass mufucker. Now I like him even more, knowin that he’s a chef. Makes sense. So this is Episode 1 (I’m assuming) of a series he’s dpoing called “Fuck. That’s Delicious.” It was posted on Vice Mag’s Munchies YouTube page. Which from my skimming through of their short videos, is […]

  • We Behaving Bad

    So Pharrell has mastered the art of crossing genres. It seems like the guy is unstoppable right now, running the charts with his hit HAPPY, off the “Despicable Me 2″ soundtrack (proof that nobody gives a shit about soundtracks. Just the singles, please.) If you missed that song you’re definitely stuck under a rock somewhere. […]

  • Maybe Someday They’ll Have Better Games Than PONG

    Although this is just a publicity scheme for Coca-Cola Corporation, it’s still a brilliant idea. And apparently pretty effective. Unless those guys are paid actors.. which I kinda think might be the case for a few.. nobody could still get that excited playing Pong. Just sayin. This has been done before, by some other big […]

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